EMERGENCY SAME DAY CROWNS!! We are very excited to be able to offer same day crowns using CEREC technology.

Preventative Dentistry

Dental FAQs
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Sealants are one of the easiest preventive dental procedures that can be done. Sealing your teeth can be done in a single dental visit and is entirely painless!
Root Planing
Root planing, also known as deep cleaning, is a dental procedure used to remove tartar below the gumline and smooth rough tooth root surfaces for reattachment of the gums.
Tooth Scaling
Tooth scaling is a dental procedure that effectively removes hardened tartar above the gumline, preventing dental problems like cavities and gum disease. For more advanced cases with tartar below the gumline, a deeper cleaning called scaling and root planing is performed to address periodontal issues and bone loss.
Oral Exam
New patients receive a comprehensive examination which includes a screening for oral cancer, gum and bone disease, a review of medical history, and a clinical and radiographic examination of all the teeth. A recall oral exam is performed on established patients to determine any changes in dental and health status since the previous visit.
Gum Disease
Periodontal disease, affecting over 80% of Americans by age 45, is an infection that damages gums and the supporting bone around teeth due to plaque build-up. This condition can lead to tooth loss and may contribute to other health issues such as diabetes and heart disease.
At Home Dental Care
At-home dental care offers convenience and empowers individuals to take charge of their oral health daily. Consistent practices like brushing, flossing, and using fluoride products can prevent dental issues and promote a confident, long-lasting smile.

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