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Dr. Jason Knable from Family Dental Group in Missoula, MT

Dr. Jason T. Knable


Jason T. Knable, DDS FAGD is happy to join the team at Family Dental Group. He brings his experience of owning and running a successful practice in Great Falls for the last 15 years.

He graduated from an academy in Bozeman and soon received his associates degree in Dental Laboratory Technology from Portland which trained him how to make crowns and other restorations for dentists. He worked as a lab tech while he completed his undergraduate studies at Portland State University.

Loma Linda University School of Dentistry accepted him a year before he completed his bachelor’s degree from Portland. He was happy to accept this early placement and moved to sunny Southern California. While he was in dental school, he was able to test out of most of the hands-on laboratory classes because of his background in laboratory technology.

Graduating with his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree in 2006, Dr. Knable moved back to Montana where he began working in private practice. He continued his studies while running a practice and graduated with his Fellowship of the Academy of General Dentistry in 2022.

Dr. Knable has used his time to always learn more. He has expanded his training to include more surgical abilities including, wisdom teeth extractions, implants, full mouth rehabilitation, and sedation. The ability to provide those services for his patients has led him to be the main care provider for the patients who he has built a relationship with.

Dr. Knable continued developing and using his laboratory skills throughout private practice by bringing CAD/CAM digital dentistry into his workflow. He has been making his own crowns, bridges, veneers, and implant crowns using these systems since 2008. Not only does this allow him to deliver the highest quality and precision, but also allows him to complete the process in the same day. Two things he doesn’t like are waiting and temporary crowns. With this system, he can avoid making his patients endure a temporary crown and waiting two weeks to get the crown back from the lab.

In 2015, he built a surgical training course for other dentists who wanted to expand their skill and increase their confidence with surgeries. He has taught dentists from across the US including, West Virginia, Colorado, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and California to name a few. Some of these courses required him to obtain a full license in those states, while other courses were held in his practice in Montana.

Dr. Knable has always wanted to be a dentist. He has always felt that if he could use his abilities and training to help one person, then all the work was worth it. This has been the core of what drives him everyday and his compassion and lightheartedness leaves a lasting impression.

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