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Common Dental Problems
Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential for a healthy smile. This article explores common dental problems, including bad breath, bruxism, canker sores, cold sores, dry mouth, and tooth fractures, providing insights into their causes and potential remedies.
Patient Comfort
We do everything we can to make our patients as comfortable as possible. Many of our patients actually enjoy their appointments because they have some quiet time to lean back on a pillow while they are wrapped in a blanket and watch a movie while we are taking care of their dental health.
TMD, or Temporomandibular Dysfunction, is a common condition that affects the jaw joint, often causing symptoms such as clicking or popping sounds when opening or closing the mouth, headaches, tired jaw muscles, and ear congestion.
Oral Surgery
Family Dental Group offers comprehensive dental trauma treatment, including addressing injuries to teeth, soft tissues, and surrounding structures. This includes addressing issues like tooth displacement, fractures, avulsions (knocked-out teeth), and more.
Pediatric Dentistry
Your child's first pediatric dental visit should happen within six months of the first tooth eruption, promoting a lifetime of good dental habits and early prevention of dental problems. Regular dental check-ups are recommended at least twice a year, with some children at higher caries risk needing more frequent visits.
Dental FAQs
Top most frequently asked questions to our doctors
Sealants are one of the easiest preventive dental procedures that can be done. Sealing your teeth can be done in a single dental visit and is entirely painless!
Root Planing
Root planing, also known as deep cleaning, is a dental procedure used to remove tartar below the gumline and smooth rough tooth root surfaces for reattachment of the gums.
Tooth Scaling
Tooth scaling is a dental procedure that effectively removes hardened tartar above the gumline, preventing dental problems like cavities and gum disease. For more advanced cases with tartar below the gumline, a deeper cleaning called scaling and root planing is performed to address periodontal issues and bone loss.
Oral Exam
New patients receive a comprehensive examination which includes a screening for oral cancer, gum and bone disease, a review of medical history, and a clinical and radiographic examination of all the teeth. A recall oral exam is performed on established patients to determine any changes in dental and health status since the previous visit.
Gum Disease
Periodontal disease, affecting over 80% of Americans by age 45, is an infection that damages gums and the supporting bone around teeth due to plaque build-up. This condition can lead to tooth loss and may contribute to other health issues such as diabetes and heart disease.
At Home Dental Care
At-home dental care offers convenience and empowers individuals to take charge of their oral health daily. Consistent practices like brushing, flossing, and using fluoride products can prevent dental issues and promote a confident, long-lasting smile.
Preventative Dentistry
Full Dentures
A full denture is a dental prosthesis designed to replace all of teeth on either the upper or lower arch—or both arches. Full dentures require support from your gums and jaw bone and may require the use of a special adhesive to help lock the denture into place
Snap-On Smile
A brand new smile with Snap-On Smile is extremely fast and painless (did we mention fast?). Virtually any smile is possible and during your visit at Family Dental Group, we will sit with you and discuss different shade and style options for your new smile. The entire process is customizable to your specific needs and wants.
A filling is a way to restore a damaged tooth back to its normal function and shape. When you get a filling, the dentist will remove the decayed material from the tooth, clean the affected area, and then fill the area with a material designed for fillings. There are many types of filling material available, ranging from gold to porcelain.
A crown is sometimes termed a "cap" or "jacket." A crown will restore a tooth with a large filling or a cracked tooth to its original size, shape, and tooth color. A crown may be recommended after root canal therapy has been completed, as the tooth tends to become brittle and is more likely to fracture. A crown can strengthen and protect the remaining tooth structure and improves the appearance of your teeth. With the advances in technology, we now have the ability to make ceramic crowns with no metal.
Bonding can fix minor cosmetic dental problems such as closing small gaps between teeth, adding tooth length, or changing the overall shape of a tooth by bonding a tooth-colored composite resin to your tooth. Bonding a tooth-colored composite restoration can also restore fractured teeth. When compared to porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns, bonding is the least expensive dental procedure that can fix cosmetic dental issues.
Cosmetic Dentistry
General & Family Dentistry
Other Services
Restorative Dentistry
Laser Therapy
Revolutionizing dental care through advanced technology. Precise laser energy enhances treatments with minimal discomfort. Benefits include reduced pain, faster healing, and targeted precision. Discover modern dentistry at its finest.
Tooth Extractions
Modern dentistry embraces laser's precision, reduced discomfort, and rapid healing. Explore benefits, applications, and personalized treatments at our advanced practice.
TMJ Treatment
Discover relief and well-being through specialized TMJ treatment. Ease discomfort, restore jaw function, and regain comfort in your daily life. Expert care ensures effective solutions for TMJ disorders.
Sedation Dentistry
Relax through procedures with safe techniques. Ease anxiety for a stress-free experience. Our experts ensure comfort and effective treatment while you rest. Discover worry-free dental care.
Night Guards
Embrace oral health with Night Guards. Custom solutions for teeth grinding and clenching. Prevent wear, pain, and discomfort. Discover better sleep and healthier smiles through personalized care and expertise.
Transform your smile discreetly with clear aligners. Customized treatment by experts for confident, gradual teeth alignment. Enjoy comfort, freedom, and predictable results. Learn more today.
Partial Dentures
Removable partial dentures are composed of a metal framework with plastic teeth and gum areas where teeth are missing. The framework includes metal clasps or other attachments, which hold the denture in place. Partial dentures are removed easily for cleaning.
ClearCorrect Aligners
ClearCorrect aligners - discreet and comfortable orthodontic treatment. Custom-made aligners move your teeth gradually. Virtually invisible, easy to use, and predictable results. Get the smile you've always wanted.
General Anesthesia
Certain cases require in-office anesthesia for dental care, inducing sleep for smooth treatment. We offer general anesthesia along with local anesthesia for patient comfort. We recommend it for children unable to stay still, extensive procedures, special needs, and complex treatments.
Periodontal Care
Worried about gum health? Pesky bacteria thrive in plaque buildup, penetrating gums and causing trouble. Progression leads to loose teeth, bad breath, and gum recession. Visit our skilled dentist for evaluation and treatment options.
Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings
Repairing tooth damage and decay with tooth-colored fillings involves local anesthesia, removal of decay, tooth etching, resin application, and a final polishing for a seamless, comfortable result.
Root Canal Treatment
Infections can lead to tooth loss, so timely treatment is crucial. Swollen gums, toothaches, and sensitivity indicate an infected root canal. Trust us to save your natural tooth using advanced technology and local anesthetics.
Dental Inlays & Onlays
Restore your teeth with dental inlays and onlays. Conservative and efficient care. Custom-crafted restorations for a natural look. Preserve healthy tooth structure. Expert guidance from experienced dentist.
Dental Bridges
A bridge is made up of two or more crowns on teeth adjacent to the space where a tooth is missing. Your natural teeth are used as anchor or abutment teeth to which the bridge is attached. Bridges can be used to restore your smile and your ability to properly chew and speak and help in preventing your natural teeth from moving out of position.
Same-Day Crowns
Versatile dental crowns restore teeth with precision. Crafted for a seamless fit and natural appearance. Advanced CEREC technology ensures efficiency and convenience. Enhance your smile and protect damaged teeth.
Dental Cleanings and Exams
Our skilled team provides routine cleanings, fluoride application, periodontal disease detection, and thorough polishing. Using advanced technology, we ensure hidden issues are addressed promptly. Maintain your oral health with us.
Dental Implants
Regain your oral health and enjoy your favorite foods. Experience the benefits of choosing one office for your dental implants. Convenient, time-saving, and cost-effective. Trust our skilled dentist for personalized care and consistency throughout your implant journey.
Dental Emergencies
Reliable emergency dental treatment. Our experienced team provides prompt care for dental emergencies. Don't hesitate to contact us for severe pain, injuries, or damaged restorations. We prioritize your dental well-being and offer swift assistance.
Porcelain Veneers
Transform your smile with personalized care at Family Dental Group. Visit us for a comprehensive smile evaluation with Dr. Annette Dusseau Achieve the lasting and beautiful smile you desire with porcelain veneers in Missoula, MT.
Teeth Whitening
Achieve a brighter smile with our effective teeth whitening treatments. Choose from at-home kits or in-office procedures for convenience and optimal results. Custom trays and professional-grade gel ensure effective whitening.

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